25 April, 2007


BestBuy "free" TiVo special this week

In the weekly BestBuy ad, they are offering a $50 gift card free when purchasing a single-tuner 80-hr TiVo box. The box itself is advertised at $220, so in essence it's "free" when you add together the current $170 rebate and gift card. However, the gift card is only valid on future purchases, so you can't put it towards the TiVo during checkout at the store or online. Hurry, this offer may expire soon, follow this link for more info.

Shameless plug: if you activate a new Tivo, please use my email address so I can get the referral points. Simply use [tpullis at yahoo dot com]. If you have already activated, please contact me with your 15 digit service number so I can get the referral. Much appreciated!

Note that Amazon is selling them for $170 - also free after rebate, for real. :-)
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